The Great American Baseball Trip

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From: Roger
Date: May 5, 1997
Comments: Be sure to give lots of behind the scenes descriptions of each ballpark. We can all see the basics of the parks on TV, what TV can't show are the historical anecdotes about each stadium, the traditions, the quirks, the concessions, the people, the surrounding neighborhood. Good luck, wish I were doing the tour...........

From: Amalia Walton
Date: May 6, 1997
Comments: I'd like to suggest that I be mentioned on your page because I am the world's most avid baseball fan...besides the people who really like baseball. I mean those frozen chocolate malts are the best. And where else can you eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. And baseball plays an integral part in my family history, the Kingdome being the sight of my parents first date where my dad was hit in the chest with a ball trying to impress my mother and then had hot coffe spilled down his back by the man sitting behind him. There must be something magical about the game because she went and married him anyway. Alright, I'm glad that's off my chest.

From: Holli Head
Date: May 9, 1997
Comments: I was trying to decide what to do for a first summer vacation in years, and I ran across your web site. You are accomplishing one of my dreams. This would be my fantasy vacation. I am a graduating senior from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am an advid Ranger fan, and I am interested in your reaction to the Ballpark in Arlington. It is a grand site, and I hope it takes your breathe away like it did mine in 1994. Best of Luck to you.

From: Eric Paré
Date: May 21, 1997
Comments: Hi Brian!

How lucky you are ! Travelling all over the country to visit all major league baseball. I've notice you came to montreal june 24 (Fete de la st-jean batiste / Quebec day) and i would like to know your ticket number (if you have already your ticket) because i suppose to be there and that will be great if i can meet you at the olympic stadium. (I don't speak real good in english and writing too :) sorry! But anyway, if you are interessed, send me a message.

Have a nice trip!

Eric Paré (Dreaming person about visiting all stadium)

From: Paul Yandura
Date: May 27, 1997
Comments: How did you get so smart? Wheaties or spinach?

From: Gary Davis
Date: June 9, 1997
Comments: Whoa! Way to go, Bri! You have a great trip ahead of you. How did you pull off the corporate sponsors? When will you be on the Today Show? And, why is it that you get to see the St Louis Cardinals so many times? Did you really stay up at night drawing stadiums with crayons, or are you pandering to HOK?

By the way, Michigan will be great. I know many happy UM grads. Oh, Hi to Emily, and can you do our web site for us? Please?

Love from Gary and CR

From: Brad Zebrack
Date: June 11, 1997
Comments: This sounds like a great trip! I look forward to hearing about it.

My comment or suggestion to you is: get the players to realize that they need to relate more to the fans. I think what Al Martin did in Pittsburgh earlier this season when he and other players greeted the fans as they entered the stadium is a good way to accomplish this. With their big ol' salaries and charging people for autographs, it just distances them from us and contributes to fewer people wanting to go see them.

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