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Here are some of the places I have visited.. .

alt="Jacksonvill Train Station">

This is the Amtrak Station in Jacksonville, FL. I spent four hours here because the trains were late -- fun fun!!


Of all the places in the world, I decided to get my van tuned up while I stopped over in Tucson, AZ. Boy was it hot!!


My dad and I ventured into Juarez, Mexico in hopes of finding a good restaurant. Proving unable, we left after only ten minutes -- stopping briefly to take a picture of this sign on our way out.


Check out my adventures in Sin City as I twisted, plunged and screamed my way through a series of rides and casinos.

San Francisco

Here's a foggy view of San Francisco from the top of Twin Peaks


Here's a quick view of the motel I stayed in in Gonzales, CA. Pretty swanky!!

the beach

The Pacific Ocean courtesy of the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara, CA


The tallest thermometer in the world -- located in Baker, CA

cheese palace

Mars' Cheese Palace, a one stop Wisconsin cheese store. Wow.

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