People I've Seen Along the Way


As I travel, I'll be meeting all sorts of people - some I connected with through this web page and others I've known for years (I'm even related to some of them!)

This section gives me a chance to acknowledge some of those people - especially those who have been generous enough to open up their homes and offices to show me around and give me places to stay!

If you want to show up on the web page . . . join me at a ballgame, at a diner, in Las Vegas, or wherever you happen to be. Just let me know where you will be, and I'll do the rest.

Linda Zirin

Linda and Max outside of their home in Newburyport, MA.

I spent a much needed night off in Newburyport, MA with Linda, Richard, Max and Simon Zirin, some old family friends. Linda's daughter Johanna, who is currenlty a film student in London, is my sister Emily's oldest friend. We all grew up together in Washington, DC (and my first word was Hannah). Richard is a doctor, both Max and Simon will be taking sailing classes this summer and then Simon will be heading off to Shakespeare camp. And, Linda is one of the best moms and cooks I have ever met in my life.

When I arrived in Newburyport, Linda made the most incredible dinner of roast chicken, pasta salad, fruit salad, and other wonderful delights. She also did laundry for me as a pair of my pants had fallen prey to an exploding pen. She gave me a nice room, a phone line, and everything else I could ask for before sending me on my way to continue my journey. Thanks Linda (and the rest of the Zirin's), I had a great time!!

The Turow Family

Scott, Eve, and Annette Turow on the front steps of their home outside of Chicago, IL

Scott Turow, lawyer, famous author (anyone ever hear of Presumed Innocent?) and my father's college roomate from Amherst College happens also to be a huge baseball fan. He has even thrown out the first pitch at Wrigley Field (from the mound). Annette Turow is an awesome mom, community activist and several other things. And, Eve Turow, despite still being young is a budding baseball/softball player and not to shabby at knitting. Not pictured is Gabe (the boy), who is at camp and Rachel who left for three weeks in Paris while I was in Cleveland.

The Turow's took me into their home on multiple occasions, fed me, fed me some more, got me to the airport to fly to Cleveland, picked me back up from the airport, fed me some more, gave me a bed, and helped me get back on the road to finish the trip. It was like home away from home. Thanks guys!!

Syliva and Fam

Via Wyant and her daughters Emily and Anna at their home in Boulder, CO.

Via Wyant and her daughters opened their home to me for two days of fun, food, and phallic symbols. Sylvia is an artist who carves phallic and vulvic symbols out of wood -- something that I had seen pictures of but hadn't realized how impressive and talented she was until I was confronted with the statues (some measuring five feet in height) first hand. Her youngest daughter Emily spent most of my visit at a friend's house so I didn't get to see a lot of her, but her oldest daughter Anna cancelled all her plans to spend time with me and Via for the weekend (which included us splashing her with water);.

Via and the girls had just moved two days prior to my arrival but were kind enough to open their doors to me and my visit. We cooked dinner, Via made an unbelievable cheesecake, and played Monopoly until the wee hours of the night -- Thanks Via!!

Doug & Barbi

Here I am with Uncle Doug, Aunt Barbi and Cousin Brook at their home in Aspen, CO.

I only spent one night at Casa de Sheffer in Aspen, CO but, as always, it was a very active 18 hours. We rolled in very late at night after the game in Denver and Uncle Doug, Aunt Barbi, and Brook were kind enough to put me up for the night. Doug and Barbi have a lot on their plate (indicated by 11 messages from the afternoon they were in Denver) including a helicopter charter business, a full working ranch (including a major lawsuit about water rights) and the construction of a new Waldorf School for the Aspen Valley (which they are spearheading).

With all that, Doug, Barbi, and Brook still found time to have dinner with me, find someone to ride with me to LA, help me get ready for the next part of my journey. Their company, DBS AIR, Inc became a corporate sponsor of the trip, and Doug even washed the windows of my car by hand. Wow. Thanks Guys.


Here I am with Heidi Ophime, the person dumb enough to come along on part of the journey.

Heidi Ophime was somehow convinced to come along with me on the long drive to Los Angeles. She is a professional organizer and friend of the family. We stopped in Las Vegas for a day and two nights and then I dropped her off at LAX before continuing. Thanks for coming along!!!

Kevin & Doris

Here I am with Kevin Arnovitz and Doris Schwartz, my pals from politics who both live in Los Angeles. We had breakfast at a great diner in Los Angeles before I made my way up to the Bay Area.

Kevin raised campaign money for Harvey Ganntt during the 1996 campaign cycle while working for Fundraising Management Group out of Washington, DC. Kevin is also a huge baseball fan and completed a similar adventure during the 1991 season. Meanwhile, Doris worked on the Jay Inslee for Governor Campaign in Washington State while a part of FMG and taught me how to raised money -- a skill I later used in working on a campaign in which I hired FMG as my fundraising consultants. Doris moved to LA and now works for a movie production company while Kevin recently moved to LA in hopes of becoming a television writer.


The Sporting News FanTrips organize baseball trips (and other sporting adventures) for fans who want to visit the greatest events and stadiums in the nation. The FanTrips folks have been kind enough to invite me to a reception at Camden Yards in Baltimore so we can compare notes, share stories, and generally "talk shop." Stay tuned for pictures and stories from the reception.

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