The Great American Baseball Trip

Game 13

Minnesota Twins vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Sunday, July 6, 1997 - 7:05pm

Milwaukee County Stadium

Milwaukee, Wisonsin

Pre-Game Report
 Just a few days ago, I watched the Milwaukee Brewers get pounded by the Cincinnati Reds. But I saw a lot of potential in their lineup. Now that the struggling Minnesota Twins have come to town, I am looking for the Brewers to break out and pull off a win to take into the All-Star break. Worse comes to worse, there is always lots of cheese.

Stadium Stats - Milwaukee County Stadium

Surface: Grass
Capacity: 53,192
Dimensions: Left Field: 362 feet, Center Field: 402 feet, Right Field: 362 feet

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Team Profiles
Twins Logo

Minnesota Twins

 The Minnesota Twins are known for getting more out of their roster than they deserve. If that proves to be true this season, the Twins could be more difficult to dispatch than a first glance at their roster would permit.

 Like every team in the majors, the Twins will rely on their starting pitchers to lead them to the playoffs. Rick Aguilera, who has battled injuries the past few seasons, will lead the Twins rotation, with off-season addition Bob Tewksbury backing him up. Tewksbury, who is baseball's active leader for fewest walks allowed per nine innings should act as a positive veteran influence on young starters Brad Radke an Frankie Rodriguez, who will fill out the starting battery. The Twins bullpen lacks a definitive closer, or middle reliever and will rely on a combination of Ike Trombley and Eddie Guardado to finish off close games.

 The off-season addition of Terry Steinbach at catcher gives the Twins a proven leader on offense and defense. Joining Steinbach around the infield will be Chuck Knoblauch, who is ready to break his own team record for runs scored following a lucrative contract extension, Paul Molitor, one of the most "intelligent" hitters in baseball, Scott Stahoviak, Pat Mears, and rookie Todd Walker who can focus on his defense as he will bat at the bottom of the order. There will be a hole in center field as a result of the loss of Kirby Puckett to glaucoma, but Rich Becker, Roberto Kelly, and 1995 American League Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova will fill his spikes adequately.

Brewers Logo

Milwaukee Brewers

 This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Milwaukee Braves World Series upset of the New York Yankees. Unfortunately, it appears that the Brewers will not be able to bring a title to Wisconsin like the Packers. However, the early stages of construction of their new stadium last year's late season rebuilding effort have created optimism in the city of Beer. And, while the Brewers are a long way from making the playoffs, manager Phil Garner will keep this team motivated and moving in the right direction all season.

 The Brewers enter the season with four solid starting pitchers. Former Oriole Ben McDonald, Cal Eldred, Scott Karl and Jeff D'Amico are each capable of winning 12 to 15 games. While McDonald and Eldred are proven starters, D'Amico, the youngest starter in team history, and Karl will probably need some time to improve throughout the season. Mike Fetters has been a solid closer for several years, and the addition of Milwaukee native Bob Wickman, Ron Villone and the ageless Doug Jones have made the Brewers bullpen capable of shutting down opponents in the final innings.

 Offensively and defensively, the Brewers roster is extremely talented but inconsistent. Shortstop Jose Valentin had a breakthrough season offensively, but suffered defensively last season committing 37 errors. Joining him in the infield are Fernando Vina and pickup Jeff Cirllo who batted .325 with 15 homers last season. In the outfield, Chuckie Carr is coming off knee surgery and will stand with rifle-armed Jeremy Burnitz, Marc Newfield, who should provide needed pop in the lineup, and Matt Mieske who Garner will count on to terrorize left-handed pitching.

Post-Game Report
 The stadium was boring, the food was exceptional (but terrible for you) and the people were funny looking, but. . . the Milwaukee Brewers went into the All-Star break on a high note with a 6-2 victory over the Minnesota Twins. Click here to get all the details. . .

Highlights from the Brew City

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