The Great American Baseball Trip

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Caucus The Great American Baseball Trip is sponsored by The Meta Network, which provides fully interactive conversation spaces for groups and organizations.

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 This is the most interactive section of the Great American Baseball Trip. It is in this section that you, the fan at home, can participate in this virtual adventure. The Meta Network has provided us with a "space" where we can come together and have a conversation -- about baseball, about different stadiums, or just about travelling across the country. It's your chance to meet other friends and fans and compare notes, make suggestions, and interact!
 Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Meta Network, there is no cost to join in the discussion. Once you get a user name and password, you can follow the different "threads" of conversation and "post" responses which others can then read and respond to!
 If you get lost or stuck, don't worry. You can always get help by clicking on a help button: [Help Button] from one of the conference toolbars: tool bar or by emailing for technical support. During normal business hours (EST), you can also contact The Meta Network by telephone at 703-243-6622 to ask for assistance.
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