The Great American Baseball Trip

Brian A. Reich

Photo of Brian
I have been dreaming about -- and planning "The Great American Baseball Trip" since I was five years old. After 14 years, I am finally ready to go. Armed with only my laptop computer and a love for America's pastime, I will spend the summer traveling across the United States in my mini-van to visit each major league baseball stadium.

I graduated in 1996 from The Northwest School in Seattle, Washington. I was the editor of the yearbook, Managing Editor of the school Newspaper and Director of the Student Government. In my spare time I worked on more than a dozen city and statewide political campaigns.

Following my graduation, I moved to Connecticut and assumed the position of Campaign Manager and Finance Director for a local Congressional Campaign. For helping to bring in nearly 40% of the vote for a Democratic candidate in a staunchly Republican district, the local media affectionately dubbed me a "Political Whiz Kid".

Following the '96 election cycle, I moved to Washington, D.C. where I worked with the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities and then the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Beginning in January, I served as Assistant to the Director of Speechwriting at the White House, a job I loved so much, I worked for free.

Still only 19 years old, I will start at the University of Michigan as a member of the Class of 2001.

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