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All Star Game!!

The 68th Annual All Star Game will take place at Jacobs Field in Cleveland on Saturday, July 8, 1997.
It has always been a dream of mine to visit the mid-season classic. Thanks to Major League Baseball, who has generously agreed to provide me with a ticket to this year's game, that dream will come true.

As usual, the All Star Game will gather Major League Baseball's greatest talents on one field to determine which league is superior. This year, with the addition of inter-league play, some of the mystique of the mid-season classic has been lost. Nonetheless, I am confident that this year's game will have great hitting, stellar pitching, and a few incredible defensive plays that will leave fans like myself with plenty to talk about for weeks to come.


The first day of All Star Weekend featured the All Star Workout and the All Star Gala. Click here to get all the details. . .


The second day of All Star Weekend featured the Pinnacle All Star FanFest, The All Star Pre-Game Party (with a concert by the Beach Boys) and the All Star Game. Click here to get all the details. . .


-Info from the Indian's Page

The Cleveland Indians are the host for the 68th Annual All Star Game. The official Cleveland Indians web page has all the information you could ever ask for about the game, the history, the stadium, and where you can listen or watch the mid-season classic.

-Pinnacle All Star FanFest

The Pinnacle All Star FanFest, taking place at the Cleveland Convention Center from July 4th - July 8th, is billed as five days of baseball heaven on earth. There will be collectibles (of course, since the sponsor is a card company), video enhanced pitching and batting areas for fans to show off their stuff, places to rub elbows with hundreds of current and former big league stars, and more merchandise than you shake a stick at.

-All Star Game Results

Have you ever wondered who hit the longest homerun in All Star history? Do you know who was the winning pitcher in the 1965 All Star game? If this link doesn't give you the answer, I'm not sure that anyone ever wrote it down.

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